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Selling on Amazon FBA the right way

by Alfredo on June 18, 2012

When I started selling on Amazon FBA, I was so excited and thrilled to jump right in and make money. Little did I know, there was so much knowledge that I did not yet possess. How would I setup up my business? What would I sell? Whats the most effective use of my time? How could I turn this into a real business with little startup cash?

After months of researching, learning, seeking out mentors, joining forums, I gained invaluable insights and experience, I eventually reached the success that I had long desired.

I decided that I would share my knowledge by creating a comprehensive selling on Amazon FBA business building system to share my knowledge with anyone that was willing to learn.

This blog captures some of my lessons, experiences, and insights for successfully selling using the Fulfillment-By-Amazon program or as it’s commonly referred to Amazon FBA. Checkout the first module Base Camp: Get Ready to Climb Amazon’s FBA Program if you are interested in taking the first step towards your financial freedom.

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iris August 12, 2012 at 3:01 pm

Who was your mentor?
What year did you start selling?
It seems like more people are selling programs on how to sell on line than selling previously owned books.
I need to know why, with over 5000 books at FBA, why am I selling less than when I shipped Merchant.
I have bought so many programs.
I really could use the help and your’s sounds helpful but vague.


Alfredo August 12, 2012 at 3:51 pm

Hello Iris,

Do you currently use a repricer to effectively reprice your goods?

FBA Seller’s Ascent recommends the a few repricers that are market leaders in the 123 Sell New Goods and the Endless Resource Guide.
A good value is RepriceIt! I used to use them until I commissioned my own software by outsourcing it on, you can learn these techniques
in Advanced Methods.

What’s the average rank of your merchandise?

Rank is the key indicator of the demand for an item and will determine if you succeed on the Amazon Marketplace.
Sales Rank Essentials covers this in extreme detail.

Also, have you considered diversifying your product offerings?

Inventory selection and diversification should help improve your sales.

My product is of exception quality and insights, for only $97, it’s an incredible value.

My Amazon business is literally exploding, that is why I have little time to update this blog and
market my product more extensively. But if you found this site, you found a VERY VERY unique opportunity.

I am an MIT Grad and my Business Building Program is the BEST on the market, hands down!

Warm Regards,


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